Fish moths & other insects in clothing & bedding:
Spray the shelves, drawers and insides of wardrobes and cupboards. Spray clothing, blankets, linen, etc.  (Use only a small amount - no need to moisten the material, repeat every 3-4 weeks).

Permethrin can give up to 4 months protection in stored clothing and other items.

Bed bugs, lice, dustmites, ants, fleas, cockroaches & other crawling insects:
Spray along aircon louver’s, flooring-boards, carpets, furniture walls, bed frames, both sides of mattresses and pillows. Spray sheets, blankets, pillow-cases, sleeping   bags and other bedding. (Let the product dry on the treated items before human contact). Spray along skirting’s, carpets, couches, behind fridges, inside zink cupboards, behind stoves. Repeat often until insects are under control, repeat when insects re-appear.

Flies and mosquitoes:
Spray along window frames and on curtains (does not stain). Spray along cornices, light fittings, ceiling fans. Spray mosquito-nets, walls and other areas where insects hide. Spray rubbish bins, garbage bags, or anything else


that attracts flies. Lure flies to sprayed or treated waste or rubbish, like fruit peels, used meat packaging, etc.

Baggage and clothing at arrival:
Spray all baggage and clothing – Bioway Multi can be provided with total peace of mind to guests and visitors on arrival to prevent the spreading of biting insects.

Spray kennels and pet’s bedding, bird cages, nests, stables, around feed and water troughs. The use of Permethrin and Bioallethrin has not been shown to be toxic to birds.

Bioway can also be used on flowers, plants and in the garden for insect control.

Always take your Bioway Multi Insect and Dust mite Killer with when travelling, camping, hiking, at a braai or picnicking etc.

Bioway Multi can be sprayed directly onto insects but is equally effective when used as a surface spray.