The increasing infestation and spreading of biting, crawling and flying insects are a major concern in households as well as in the accommodation and tourism industry and health sectors.

Dustmites are always a concern and cause allergies, hay-fever and sinus problems for humans.

Tourists, guests and visitors with their luggage and clothing may serve as hosts and may contribute to spreading these insects to other areas, causing infestations where proper and effective prevention and precaution is not taken.

Uncontrolled insects for example mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, fleas and fish moths are mostly associated with poor and irresponsible management or inferior accommodation facilities.

Bioway Multi Insect and Dustmite Killer provides effective, clean, easy and personal safe insect control for modern households, accommodation providers and other private properties, contributing to the pleasant and enjoyable stay for guests and visitors.

Advantages of using Bioway Multi:

Personal, clean, easy, hygienic and effective insect control.
Kills insects, larvae and their eggs and stops their biting and host-seeking behaviour.


No Synthetic Solvents.
Does Not Stain.
No unpleasant and harmful fumes.
No need to vacate treated room / area.
User friendly.
Used in hotels, restaurants, homes, guest houses, etc.
Not harmful to humans, mammals and birds.
Totally safe on mattresses, bedding, pillows, carpets, etc.

100% Biodegradable - environmentally friendly.

Causes no skin irritation.